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Quick Start Guide


The Hardening Agent.

⌞Harden⌝  is an agent-based tool that tracks the configuration of your devices to ensure they're hardened against attacks.

The agent will prompt you to login to your account, but if you need to register an account first - you can set up an account here.

Once installation is complete, you can login to the platform to check your results.


You can also login using an "Access Code", these are designed to allow you to automate activities on the platform, you can read more about access codes here.

The Akimbo Harden agent installer.
A list of assets with their hardening score, showing which assets are well hardened and which are not.


The Platform.

If you check the hardening tab of the Akimbo platform, you'll soon see the results of the Harden agent, showing how well secured your devices are.

You can then click on an asset to drill down into the results, or view the vulnerabilities tab to see a list of all issues to address.


The Issues.

Clicking on an asset will show you an ordered list of findings for that asset, plus a "health bar" of the overall risk of the asset.

If you see something that needs addressing, clicking on the issue will show you the details of the risk and how you can remediate it.

The Akimbo Harden agent installer.
An example issue showing description and remediation advice.


Fixing Things.

On each issue page you will find a full description of the issue, remediation guidance, and references to vendor documentation.

If you need help addressing any of the issues discovered, we also offer a support service - we're here to help!

Just drop us a message:



Want to Book a Demo?

If you're interested in Akimbo Harden but you'd like to see a demo before you jump in, then we'd love to show you around! Drop us an email and we'll show you how it works and how to get the most out of the platform.

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