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The EU would really like us to tell you about how we use cookies before we set any. If you personally don't care about the detail you can just hit accept here:


Want some more detail?

We use three cookies on this site, none are applied until you hit the accept button on this page.

cookie_notice: is used to allow the website to remember when you've accepted this notice so that you don't have to see it again.

session: is used by our CAPTCHA system which is used to prevent bots from accessing the site. The cookie tracks which CAPTCHA you saw so that we can validate if you filled it out correctly. You'll see these CAPTCHA on pages such as the login, registration, and feedback pages.

akimboSession: is used when you log in to track which account you're logged into.

theme: is used to track which theme you prefer.

_ga, _gid, _ga_*, _gac_gb_*: are all part of Google Analytics which we use to optimize the site for users and to determine the popularity of context we produce so that we can focus our efforts on what our audience likes most.

If you don't want us to set and cookies, that's no problem, just don't hit the accept button and we won't serve you any - but you won't be able to login to an Akimbo account or use our feedback forms (you can always just drop us an email to give us feedback instead if you want to avoid cookies).