Cybersecurity Consultancy

Some organisations are simply not at the scale to require a fulltime Chief Information Security Officer; for other organisations their CISO could really just do with another pair of hands. Sometimes you don't need a neat packaged-service, but you just need some help with a project.

Whatever cybersecurity challenge your organisation is facing, we offer cybersecurity consultancy which can help. Here are some example services our team has worked on previously:

Cybersecurity Capability Review

If you're looking for an independent review of your cybersecurity stance, looking at organisation maturity across key areas our capability review will deliver just that.

Board Advisory Service

Companies put their staff through security awareness training, but what is your security team doing to support your organisation's board? Our advisory service aims help your business leaders understand today's threat landscape.

Vulnerability Management

How frequently should you perform penetration Testing? If you're basing it on how many times we've been around the sun, you're probably doing it wrong. We can help your organisation design a full programme of works for security testing and internal vulnerability management.

Incident Response Testing

When was the last time you dusted off your disaster recovery and incident response plan? How do you know it's appropriate for the risks of today? Incident response testing, commonly known as "Wargaming" can give you confidence in your plan, or guidance on improving it.

Want more detail? You can see our service brochure here:

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