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Mark Thorens

Sales and Operations Director

Mark, a plainly spoken northerner, has thirty-five years of experience in managing people places and resources.

Gaining his first management position at twenty years old, Mark spent his early years in retail which has left him with an abiding interest in great customer relationships and the ever evolving business environment.

Mark is responsible for customer success, sales and the overall operation of Akimbo Core. He is a great believer in communication on all levels and is constantly available to Akimbo Core customers who know they can call for advice or an informal chat.

“Great customer relationships make business easier for everyone. We are better able to understand a customer’s needs and the customer knows they have a supplier they can trust. It’s cheaper, lower friction and more likely to be satisfactory all round.”


  • Master of Business Administration - Awarded with Merit
  • Diploma Of Management Studies
  • Certificate Of Supervisory Management