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Our Vulnerability Management Platform

Keeping track of all the information relating to your organisation’s security stance can be difficult, additionally securely sharing and discussing that information with your team and external partners can be frustrating. Our vulnerability management platform is a powerful and flexible web platform that allows you to do just that.

The platform allows you to create, import, and manage information about assets and their security vulnerabilities easily from any device. It can also notify you when a team member or an external security provider publishes a new vulnerability on your systems, so that you’re informed quickly about developments.

Whether you’re using an Akimbo Core security testing service, a third-party service, or handling everything internally – our platform is designed to be easy to use and secure. With multi-factor authentication on login, transport layer security to protect everything in transit, and a granular permissions model to control who can view or edit things.

Our Platform


Our platform-first approach to security reporting gives you a continuously updated view of your organisation's security stance. If you’re using our continuous security testing service then, we continuously update your organisation's risk via our web platform. With work conducted, new issues found, and where you should focus your attention for maximum effect.

You can view vulnerabilities as soon as they are confirmed. You can communicate directly with the testing team, such as to request additional information or to request a retest of a remediated issue. You can view a high-level report of the state of your systems, ideal for management meetings - or you can drill down into the technical detail needed to remediate a complex issue.

A list of assets with their hardening score, showing which assets are well hardened and which are not.


With new security issues being found constantly, it's difficult to keep track of them all or get any other work done.

That's why we've set our platform up with configurable notifications, so that you can tell us what "critical" means to your business, and we'll make sure to alert you to those issues without overloading you about minor details.

The Workflow

There's no "I" in team, so we've developed our platform to work well with teams of any size.

You can assign vulnerabilities to specific staff for remediation, message team members to discuss issues, and securely share issue details with those in your organisation that need to know.

Granular access control allows you to share just the information you need with the people that need to see it. With group permissions simplifying the whole thing. For example, you could give the management team an overview dashboard, your tech team all of the details to fix things, and your auditors read-only access to track compliance activities.

A list of issues effecting a specific asset, in priority order, by risk rating.

Knowledge Base

Some vulnerabilities are easy to fix, perhaps just a quick configuration change or a software update to install. Sadly, software vendors don't always get it right and sometimes vulnerability remediation can be painful.

To simplify the process of hardening your systems, we have a knowledge base of common hardening actions and articles covering the "how, what, and why" of system hardening. From talking about modern approaches to password security, to the depths of group policy options.