About Us

Akimbo Core are a UK based team of cybersecurity experts, specialising in Penetration Testing. We are passionate about all aspects of Cyber Security so, whether you’re looking for a penetration test, cybersecurity training at any level, or consultancy to assist on a project – we’d love to help out.

Akimbo Core is a UK-based cybersecurity company that specializes in penetration testing, cybersecurity training, and consultancy services. Their team of experts helps organizations large and small all around the world enhance their security posture through comprehensive testing, tailored training, and strategic consultancy. They are particularly known for their bespoke approach to each client’s needs, ensuring that their services are aligned with specific security requirements and goals.

We offer a range of penetration testing services, including web application, infrastructure, cloud security, wireless network, and firewall security reviews. These services provide detailed assessments and actionable insights into potential security risks.

The team have tested everything from satellite systems to critical medical reporting software to large scale, national, point of sale installations. New challenges are always welcome.

We also provide cybersecurity training workshops, which cover various topics from technical security testing techniques to broader security awareness issues within organizations. These workshops can be delivered both in-person across the UK and remotely.

 In addition to testing and training, Akimbo Core offers consultancy services such as security architecture assessments, maturity assessments, and incident response testing. Their consultancy approach is flexible and tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients, providing peace of mind and enhanced security for their systems and data.

The team’s certifications include those from the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST), CompTIA, and major technology providers like AWS. Holly has recently been awarded a CREST fellowship for an outstanding contribution to Ethical Security Testing during her career.

[ Our Team ]

Holly Grace Williams

Holly is our technical lead and runs our penetration testing team. Holly has spent her whole career in Cyber Security. Holly’s experience and commitment has been acknowledged by her recent appointment as a CREST Fellow.

When not leading a testing project for our clients, Holly is in demand as a public speaker and is fairly regularly to be seen on TV when her experience and passion for all things Cyber are required. Out of hours Holly volunteers for Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team and is passionate about hiking and preserving the area’s natural beauty.

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Mark Thorens

Mark makes the company work. There’s a lot to running a company and he works diligently behind the scenes to keep us on the rails. Mark’s 35 years in management and entrepreneurship mean that his experience is a huge asset to the company, and he bravely takes on a wide range of responsibilities.

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Nathan Bradwell

Nathan is our Business Development Manager and is responsible for ensuring that customers have a good experience from first contact to project close. He’s affable and approachable, with a real focus on customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. He’ll understand your requirements and your restrictions: whether you’re working to a specific budget, timeframe, or you’re looking for something bespoke – he’ll make it happen.

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Our Testers

Although we pride ourselves on our friendly team-based approach to testing, we know that our clients expect the highest standard both in technical matters and communication.  All of our testers are based in the UK and have undergone both a rigorous selection process and continuously up skilling. Our consultants are certified by leading certification bodies, including the Council of Registered and Ethical Security Testers (CREST), CompTIA, as well as major technology providers such as AWS.





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