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About Akimbo Core

Akimbo Core specialise in Cybersecurity Testing.

Akimbo Core was founded to address the weaknesses in the traditional approach to security testing. With companies relying on approaches that lead to a long mean-timeto-detection and that don’t take the whole organisational context into account — We wanted to do something different.

We aim to deliver cybersecurity testing services to customers in a way that works for them, with expertise and transparent communications throughout. Plus, a modern approach to testing and reporting, through our secure vulnerability management platform.

Our team of passionate and dedicated cybersecurity specialists are always happy to get involved in interesting projects and to help organisations improve their cybersecurity maturity. Our consultants are certified by leading certification bodies, including the Council of Registered and Ethical Security Testers (CREST), CompTIA, as well as major technology providers such as AWS.

We're available to help organisations in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for security testing, some traditional consultancy to help with a tricky project, guest speakers for an event, or anything else cybersecurity related — we’d love to help.

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