Cybersecurity Consultancy

Whilst our core service is Penetration Testing, our team of passionate and dedicated cybersecurity speacialists are always happy to get involved in any cybersecurity projects, to help organisations improve their cybersecurity maturity.

Whether you’re looking for a formal project such as a Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment, or just some ad-hoc assistance on a project – we’d love to help out. This page contains some examples of consultancy work we’ve conducted in the past, but if you have a project in mind – get in touch.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessments

Our Security Maturity Review service helps organisations ensure that their approach to cybersecurity covers all the key details needed to keep their organisation safe.

This service can benefit many different companies throughout their story, for example:

  • Small companies looking to bring in independent security advice
  • Growing companies looking to raise their security maturity as they scale up
  • A new CISO or Head of Security in role looking for an independent review of their security strategy

Incident Response Scenario Testing

Incident Response Scenario Testing (“Wargaming”) are exercises designed to guide an organisation through a realistic cybersecurity incident to allow them to test their response plan and team capabilities against a given scenario. These are tabletop paper-based exercises to allow companies to build their maturity in a safe and open way.

These exercises can help to build confidence in an organisation’s plan and can help to build “muscle memory” allowing a team to better ‘implant’ their plan in memory, allowing them to respond faster and more effectively if a real incident were ever to occur. Additionally, these exercises can highlight weaknesses in a given plan, for example highlighting single points of failure, critical team members, undocumented key knowledge, or ambiguity in the detail of the plan.

In addition to Cybersecurity Consultation we also offer Cybersecurity Training and Penetration Testing to offer a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services.

Cybersecurity Training

Akimbo Core deliver cybersecurity workshops all around the UK, as well as remotely. Our workshops cover a range of topics from technical subjects such as how to get the most out of cybersecurity testing, to security awareness issues within businesses.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is one of the most effective ways to assess your systems security, discover vulnerabilities, and determine the real-world risk of any vulnerabilities that are present.

It goes much further than simply checking for missing software updates or weak passwords. Plus, it’s more effective than simple vulnerability scanning.

Our full suite of penetration testing services are unsurpassed





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