[ Why Akimbo Core? ]

AkimboCore was founded around some guiding principles that we regard as non-negotiable. These form the core of every project we carry out. 

Communication Throughout

We understand that having a penetration test carried out can be a stressful time for any company and having to wait until the final report hits your inbox can unnerving. Here at AkimboCore our approach is different, your tester or testers will introduce themselves and keep in touch throughout the testing project in whatever manner you prefer. We will inform you as soon as possible if anything urgent is discovered – much better than having to wait for the report.

Speaking of the report – we’ve seen quite a few over time that are less than ideal. We work hard on ours to ensure they are complete with all technical details require, but presented in plain English, avoiding unnecessary jargon.

A Tailored Approach

Clients often tell us that their previous testing company didn’t really listen to their specific needs. Instead, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is frequently used. At Akimbo Core we wanted to do something different. Each project is very carefully scoped and a plan unique to each client is suggested. This has earned us a good deal of customer loyalty as the client knows they will receive exactly what they require especially where a particular focus is required.

We are also expert at working with smaller companies who perhaps cannot afford an inhouse security team. Our unique approach means that even the smallest security budget may be maximised and excellent results achieved.

Upskilling Your Team

Our job doesn’t finish with the completion of a penetration testing project. Our very skilled team is available to consult with the client’s team to produce a much improved security stance for your company. Don’t be put off by our technical ability – we speak plainly when assisting companies to move forward.

We also have a cybersecurity training offering, so if you want your team to have a deeper knowledge of cybersecurity and cover the fundamentals themselves, we can help out there too.

Platform-based Approach

Our unique platform allows clients to securely access their testing data at any time from any location. If we find something critical and need to share the details with you quickly to ensure you can triage the issue internally, we can do that using out platform, quickly and securely.

The platform also allows team leaders and managers to easily allocate mitigation tasks throughout a team and to access explanations and data regarding the latest security weaknesses.

UK Based Team

Our team are all UK based, meaning that they’re available when you need them to be. No need to worry about time zones. They also come equipped with UK recognised qualifications so you can be assured of our team’s technical capability.





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