How Can I Turn PenTesting from a Cost into a Competitive Advantage?

27 October 2022 - Articles

Regular penetration testing (e.g. often annual) carried out be experienced professional testers can seem expensive – and in these times, when every penny counts, its easy to make the mistake of thinking that pen testing is poor value.

However, the truth is that pen testing used as part of a comprehensive cyber security strategy can actually save your company substantial sums and will offer benefits in many areas from customer retention to legal compliance. Let’s examine this in a bit more detail:

Customer Retention

Whether you operate Business to Business or Business to Consumer, every customer wants to be certain that their data is safe. Especially in a business context this may actually be a deciding factor in selecting suppliers.

Imagine having to contact clients and inform them that you have been hacked and their sensitive data in now in the public domain… as a minimum that customer won’t be dealing with your company again. Regular Pen testing can really help to prevent this nightmare scenario by finding vulnerabilities within your systems and helping you to mitigate these before disaster strikes.

Legal Compliance

The GDPR regulations lay a range of security and data protection requirements on every business large or small and the penalties for a data breach can be substantial. Then we have the issues around negative press and other reputational issues if your company is found in breach of the regulations. It’s almost too horrible to contemplate, but if your company suffers a breach, you may be legally required to publicly disclose that you’ve been hacked!

It makes immediate sense to have a testing regime in place that makes sure your company not only complies with the GDPR regulations by keeping personal data safe but gives you the comfort of knowing that your data is thoroughly protected and so it’s one less thing to think about.

Gaining New Business

Switched on organisations wary of GDPR requirements will now actively seek out trading partners who they know will be capable of keeping their data and that of their customers safe. Increasingly we note large retailers, financial institutions and other business entities requiring suppliers who have a mature, ongoing cyber security strategy. It doesn’t matter how good your service or product is – you will lose business to better defended business’s because its common sense to deal with suppliers who are cyber safe. Plus, when your suppliers ask questions about how you protect your business, being able to detail the testing that you undertake and how it’s improved your business resilience will boost your customer’s confidence in your services.

Spend a little now or a lot more later

Failing to invest in professional Penetration testing as a major part of your cyber security strategy is a false economy. We have seen so many companies who have neglected this area, thinking they are saving only to find them selves spending huge sums on emergency damage limitation. Hacked systems may take weeks to recover – if the data is recoverable at all, then the situation may attract a fine, huge loss of business and a massive hit to professional reputation.

All of the above can be prevented. Don’t be afraid to contact us. You will find we are friendly, approachable and skilled.

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